Foreign participant who is required to apply for an entry visa to travel in China is advised to start the application procedure as soon as possible, at the nearest Visa Office of the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in the country/state in which you reside. Please visit the website of the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in your country to check the required documents for visa application.

Here are some quick links to the Chinese Embassy websites in the Southeast Asian countries:

Chinese Embassy in Brunei  (

Chinese Embassy in Cambodia  (

Chinese Embassy in Indonesia  (

Chinese Embassy in Lao  (

Chinese Embassy in Malaysia  (

Chinese Embassy in Myanmar  (

Chinese Embassy in the Philippines  (

Chinese Embassy in Singapore  (

Chinese Embassy in Thailand  (

Chinese Embassy in Vietnam  (


Useful information when you fill in your visa application form.

"Major purpose of your visit"

Non-business visit

"Inviter in China"

Dr. QIAO Fangli, Secretary-General,

Secretary General

First Institute of Oceanography

Ministry of Natural Resources of China

6 Xianxialing Road, Qingdao 266061, China

Tel: +86-532-88963909, Fax: +86-532-88963909

"Itinerary/Detailed address in China"

Furama Hotel Beihai

No. 31 Chating Road, Beihai, China


If an Official Letter of Invitation (Invitation Letter of Duly Authorized Unit) is also required to apply for a visa in your country, please email the local Secretariat at with Request Form and the Passport Photo Scan (jpg or gif format)

It will take 1-2 weeks to process the issuing of the official invitation letter. Please note that January 27th to February 2nd, 2017 is China’s National Holiday, and Chinese Missions will not operate during this period.

*Request Form (.doc) for Invitation Letter of DAU for Sixth China-Southeast Asian Countries Marine Cooperation Forum

Note: Please name the request form by your full name.